Inspiring Females is a unique programme, created in 2016 by the girls and staff at Norwich High School for Girls, which has developed significantly since its conception. In only two years, the programme has inspired over 1,000 young women aged 11 to 18 with over 250 guest speakers volunteering their time to take part.


We want to inspire girls, educating them as to what new movements are available in the world of careers as well as to help them access the traditional routes, and empower them to make wise and confident decisions about their futures.


Key to the ethos of Inspiring Females is presenting the authentic experience of women at all stages of their career and life journeys – we have seen with our own eyes how powerful it is when women of all ages share their challenges with each other and spur each other on to succeed.


We have created a series of new events throughout the academic year, to prepare young women for their futures, to create platforms to explore their questions and to represent their voices. Women who have joined us so far are on the same wave-length and are as keen to share their wisdom as the girls are to hear it.


If you would like to be involved in this exciting programme, please get in touch with us, to help inspire the next generation!



Mrs Kirsty von Malaisé

Headmistress, Norwich High School for Girls





Discover the IF Summit 2018

July 2018

"Is it a good time to be a young woman?"


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Inspiring Females on Tour - at Aviva

Eastern Daily Press

January 2018




In 2016, Norwich High School for Girls launched the Inspiring Females (IF) programme, with the mission to prepare young women for their futures, while creating platforms to explore their questions and represent their voices.


With an ambitious team made up of Kirsty von Malaisé (Headmistress of Norwich High School), Siobhan Eke (Entrepreneur) and an amazing steering group of girls aged 13 to 15, the first Inspiring Females event was created in June 2016 – the IF Symposium (now know as the IF Summit).


This three-day conference involved a panel of over 30 professional women who volunteered their time to speak to, mentor, work with and ultimately inspire over 190 girls between the ages of 13 and 15. These Inspiring Females represented a diverse range of professions from Acting to Law, and Engineering to Sport. Over the three days, key themes of Collaboration, Confidence, Commitment, Creativity, Compassion & Courage, were covered in keynote presentations, bespoke workshops, networking sessions , enterprise competitions and much, much more.


The feedback from both everyone who was involved and people in the community who had heard of what we were doing to develop girls’ authentic voices and confidence was not only extremely positive, but also very useful for shaping what we deliver under the name of ‘Inspiring Females’.


Girls who attended commented on how it had made them think about their future in a more positive light, how they could pursue their ambitions and some commenting that they now felt more confident about the way they look and their personality. Parents and guests shared how they would have relished such an opportunity when they were at school.


"The greatest thing for

self-esteem is helping others

with their self-esteem."


Amanda Reynolds

IF Symposium 2016





IF Summit 2017



IF on Tour - Aviva



IF in the Arts



Future You



IF Mums and Daughters



IF Summit 2016



“We are Fearless. We act and speak with conviction.”


Cheryl Giovanonni



“Hi! I was at Inspiring Females

from Norwich High. You were so inspiring and one of my favourite panellists!


You were an amazing speaker

and shared so much insight about

confidence – thank you!”


A message shared on a social media feed to one of our guest speakers at the IF symposium 2017



“The thing I found most

challenging was asking and answering questions in front of a large crowd of people. I was, however, really happy because at the

end of the week, I had the courage to

ask the panel a question! The best thing I learnt was that I should be myself and be confident about what I

look like and my personality.”


A student from the

IF symposium 2016


“My daughter, was at best

sceptical of a whole day of

listening to business people. However she returned from Inspiring Females full of ideas and positivity.


The conference was an excellent vehicle to bring the talents of so many different women to our region.”


A message from a parent

IF symposium 2017


“Thanks so much for the

 invitation to be involved – I loved the whole day. Very well organised, better than many corporate events I’ve been to. I hope the girls will take on board some of what they learnt – they were a pleasure to work with. Fellow panel members, you are certainly VIF’s (Very Inspiring Females)!"


Jo Hind - Founder of Birdsoup

and Inspiring Female



“I just wanted to email

to say a huge thank you on

behalf of the girls and myself for

such a fantastic event.

Thegirls came away feeling so inspired and are urging me to do something here! The guest speakers and panellists were really inspiring and kept the girls interested for the whole day.”


An Assistant Head from

a school in attendance


““Thank you so much for such

a great afternoon. Lucy and I both loved it. I thought the event was fantastically organised. Laughter yoga was amazing and I have recommended it to my various friends who work in health. I also thought the Forrest yoga was great. All in all great - and thank you so much for organising it.”


A message from a parent

IF Mums & Daughters




Are you an inspirational woman who would like to be a part of our pioneering programme?


Do you attend a local school who would like to participate in or even shape one of our future events?


Would you or your organisation like to support the excellent work achieved through the Inspiring Females programme?


Register your details with us below and we will contact you to discuss the many opportunities available to get involved.

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